Sunday, November 28, 2010


Feathers are traditionally found on birds but now, we can find people wearing them as a new and very fashionable trend. I'm not too BIG  a fan but guess what, I could get myself some and redesign them and start spotting them... 

                                  They come in different colours,...

Blue wilth a hint of chain and swarovski crystals.
Simple with a twist of silver and faux pearls.

Clever, layered mix of earth coloured feathers!

                                             And desiGns... 

Sequins, chain, beads and wire are used to pimp up the feathers!

There is an AMAZING  designer, Ashely Doty of OWLITA FEATHER EARRINGS. Her earrings are FAB and GLAM! These are surely on my Christmas wish-list this year!

Santa, wish #1!

Santa, wish #2!

Santa, wish #3!

Santa, wish #4!

Santa, #5!

And for all of you who love the Owlita Feather Earrings, catch Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars spotting Ashely's Owlita Pheasant Earrings.
Same as Aria's above :)

Watch out for my feather glam look :) 

Check more out here or here...                                                                                                 

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