Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A great welcome into Mamba Village (Nyali)

The main reason Mamba Village is named thus, is because it is home to hundreds of crocodiles. Mamba is Swahili for crocodiles. Some are for commercial purposes while others are for sightseers like me to marvel at.

 Looking at *D*R*Y * crocodile humour...

Who knew?
The most spooky part of this was the magic tap. Look keenly. No tricks, no pipe, just water running out endlessly :)

My daughter, Sibusisiwe was also on deck to enjoy the scenery. She danced all over the place and even posed :)

And we were on our way to the next location. Bye bye Mamba Village!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


If you thought accessorizing was easy, try matching your wardrobe and accessories to Lexx the cute baby python at Mamba Village (Nyali). Wait! Did I just say baby? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... That's what it is!

I was looking glamorous in my red Swarovski bracelet, white faux pearl bracelet, my G-jue band and the lovely pure brass and stone bracelet. The spiral coloured earrings added a twist to the outfit.

Lexx started slithering on my neck and I was scared out of my wits!!! Some more photos of sea creatures and TARANTULAS :)

Sea Urchins

Crazy looking fish (OOPS! forgot the name) :)

Stone Fish: the most poisonous fish in the sea

Live Coral 


After a grueling time with Lexx, twas time for him to go back to his cage :)

Home ssssssssssweet home :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



There are taught artists, and there are born artists. THOGI is indeed a born artist with an eye for fashion and the ability to make all she wears work. In her shoot, select jewELLAHry pieces were used but with precision and very effectively :)


Model: THOGI

Photos: Leon Muli
Accessories: jewELLAHry

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Christmas is a symbol of the birth of Jesus, a mark of end of year and for others, another day on their calender... For me, it is all about looking back to achievements, failures, dreams and hopes of the past year. Don't confuse it with New Year resolutions. NO!

My family and I usually gather and talk of the past year while giving thanx to the Almighty Himself. As I proceed, I'll certainly say that I'm grateful for finally starting my jewELLAHry page on Facebook and my Blog. These may seem like small achievements but for me, this is a beginning of a new era :) I am blessed to have people from all over the world view it and more so, to have AMAZING friends take photos with accessories I've made and in turn, all of us grow to amazing heights.

Tell me your CHRISTMAS STORY and get an AMAZING GIVEAWAY from jewELLAHry. Traditionally, Christmas colours are red and green. I will give out a pair of red and green Swarovski chain earrings. Comment with your story!!!


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Feathers are traditionally found on birds but now, we can find people wearing them as a new and very fashionable trend. I'm not too BIG  a fan but guess what, I could get myself some and redesign them and start spotting them... 

                                  They come in different colours,...

Blue wilth a hint of chain and swarovski crystals.
Simple with a twist of silver and faux pearls.

Clever, layered mix of earth coloured feathers!

                                             And desiGns... 

Sequins, chain, beads and wire are used to pimp up the feathers!

There is an AMAZING  designer, Ashely Doty of OWLITA FEATHER EARRINGS. Her earrings are FAB and GLAM! These are surely on my Christmas wish-list this year!

Santa, wish #1!

Santa, wish #2!

Santa, wish #3!

Santa, wish #4!

Santa, #5!

And for all of you who love the Owlita Feather Earrings, catch Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars spotting Ashely's Owlita Pheasant Earrings.
Same as Aria's above :)

Watch out for my feather glam look :) 

Check more out here or here...                                                                                                 

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