Saturday, August 13, 2011


Nothing like a good rest :)

I'm sorry for not posting my Dior Obsessions as promised. I had the longest week ever with exams and now I can happily say, LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!!! :) A little something of what I think an ideal holiday should be like :)

FooD (my absolute #1) *wink*

I'm a sucker for lovely shrimp!!! 
Cake is a MUST!!! :)

Not forgetting fruits :)

FuN aNd MeMoRieS

Post card or scrap book page

EnDLeSS fAsHiOn 

The coast feel. Hope I get time to go there :)

SuffEciEnT ReSt

Open fields, fresh air and sunsets *SIGH* The perfect relaxation treatment :)

Images: tumblr & The Fashion Notebook :)

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